How Do We Solve A Problem Like the Trumpists?


Last night I joined a few well-bundled individuals in Hammonton, NJ, to protest the appearance of Trump’s campaign manager Kellyann Conway in the Christmas parade. While Conway’s echoing of the Trump distortions no doubt caused her to invest heavily in fire-proof pants, she was graciousness itself in accepting the Keys to Hammonton. She asked the crowd to pray for “the current” president and vice-president (she couldn’t bring herself to utter their names). The crowd responded with little approval. But, after she asked them to pray for Trump the cheers were louder than those for Santa Claus. And, this parade was supposed to be about him! These people were cheering a man who daily shows he has little regard for governing this great nation with responsibility. A man who daily proves that his own financial worth will take precedence over running the largest economy in the world. A man who appears to work hardest at one thing: finding the least qualified people possible to run the American government.

There is a story about Benjamin Franklin coming out of the secret Constitutional Convention being held in Philadelphia. The Framers of the Constitution battled daily over how much power would be allocated between federal and state governments. The argued over how trustworthy the average citizen was when it came to a democratic society. The Constitutional Convention’s secrecy created fears about what was being done. So, as Franklin left what we now know as Independence Hall a woman stopped him and demanded, “Well, Dr. Franklin, what type of government have you given us? A monarchy or a republic?!” Franklin’s emphatic response: “A republic, madam, if you can keep it!

While Trump lost the election that was held on November 8th (NEVER forget that!), with Hillary Clinton now winning that election by 2.7 million votes, the Electoral College will probably elect him president of the country.

But, how long will our republic last when nearly half of voters in a presidential election vote for a man who prides himself on bankruptcies, not paying taxes, and scamming regular working Americans? Nearly half of voters in the last election chose someone who openly mocked a man with disabilities and bragged about being a sexual predator. A man who’s appeal to hatred has caused a growth in hate crimes and speech. As bad as that is – and it is very bad, indeed – the Rachel Maddow segment below shows that the situation is worse. It is the most alarming warning sign that the American Experiment in self government is in grave jeopardy.

Poll shows Trump voter gap with facts, rest of Americans’ views

Protest Kellyann Conway!

kellyanne-conway-afp-640x436Donald Trump’s campaign manager and chief enabler will be in Hammonton, NJ for the Christmas parade. Protesters will be gathering in Hammonton around 6 pm in order to show the world that South Jersey won’t meekly accept the expected decision of the Electoral College. We know that Trump LOST the election of November 8th, as Clinton now has 2.7 million more votes than Trump! The loser has become president in 40% of the presidential elections in the 21st century. It is time for majority rule.

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