Egg Harbor Township Democratic Club Constitution and Bylaws

Egg Harbor Township Democratic Club Constitution and Bylaws


Be it resolved that the Democratic club of Egg Harbor Township shall adhere to and support the principles of the Democratic Party of the Township of Egg Harbor, the County of Atlantic, the State of New Jersey, and the United States of America. The Club, therefore, is committed to electing candidates for office in the above jurisdictions who will serve the best interests of the residents of the same, and to participate in and encourage civic movements that tend towards the betterment and general welfare of the community, the state, and the nation.

Be it also resolved that the Egg Harbor Township Democratic Club not only recognizes the intrinsic worth of all people and does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, physical handicap, socioeconomic status, education level, ethnic background, nor cultural heritage, but actively seeks and encourages the participation of all.

Article I: Organization

Section 1. Name: This organization shall be known and designated as the Egg Harbor Township Democratic Club.

Section 2. Purpose: the purpose of this organization is to create, foster, and perpetuate the principles of the Democratic Party of the Community, State, and Nation and to elect candidates toward that end.

Article II: Membership

Section 1. This organization shall be composed of regular members and associate members who adhere to the principles of the Democratic party. All members must pay dues. Dues for new members must be paid immediately upon acceptance to the club.

Section 2. Regular members are residents of Egg Harbor Township and are registered Democrats. Only regular members shall be voting members.

Section 3. Associate members may be either residents of Egg Harbor Township who have aligned themselves with the Democratic Party or a registered voting Democrat in another municipality that is not affiliated with any other political organization in any other community.

Section 4. Application: application for membership must be presented to the Executive Board who will look into the qualifications and character of the applicant. If approved, then the application shall be voted upon by the regular membership present at a regular meeting. A majority vote of the members present shall either accept or reject the applicant as a member. Dues for new members must be paid immediately upon acceptance of the membership. The new member then has full privileges as a regular member and can vote on nominations and fully participate in all activities beginning at the next regular meeting.

Section 5. Expulsion: any member may face charges of expulsion provided any other member or group of members present written charges concerning the conduct of that member to the Secretary. The member facing said charges shall be given [a hearing ] at the next regularly scheduled meeting, unless that meeting shall occur within seven days of notification of the accused, in which case the hearing will will be held at the regular scheduled meeting following. At the hearing, charges against the accused will be read after which time the member may appear to show cause why he/she should not be expelled. The members hearing the case of the charged member shall be the members of the Executive Board plus two regular members nominated and elected by the members attending the meeting. A two-thirds majority vote of hearing the case is required to determine the disposition of that member.

Article III: Dues

Section 1. The dues shall be twenty dollars ($20) annually and are prorated after January 1. Dues must be paid in order for regular members to participate in the voting or nomination of candidates for office in the primary elections of each year. The Executive Board, by majority vote, has the authority to waive dues in cases of hardship.

Section 2. Dues must be current before any regular member nominates or votes for candidates in any primary election, general election, or special election in which the club has a vote.

Article IV: Administration

Section 1. The president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and municipal chair shall comprise the. Executive Board. Elected Democratic officials from the Township of Egg Harbor may serve as ex-officio members of the Executive Board.

Section 2. The nomination of officers shall be held at the regular meeting of the month of December of each year. The above are to be elected for a term of one year, to serve from the January Reorganization election to the next January Reorganization election. Any regular member of the club in good standing shall be eligible to hold a position as an officer of the club. The Egg Harbor Township municipal chair, any locally elected official, and those holding paid political positions shall be ineligible to serve as officers.

Section 3. Nomination of officers must be made by regular members.

Section 4. Installation of newly elected officers shall be held at the January Reorganization meeting. A special installation function may also be held at another date in the event of a meeting cancellation. Nominations shall be held at the next meeting with the reorganization election held at the following meeting.

Section 5. In the event that the December meeting is canceled, nominations shall be held at the next meeting and the reorganization election held at the following meeting.

Section 6. Members shall be given notice of regular meetings seven (7) days in advance by phone, postcard, e-mail, or best means. Special meetings may be called by the president or a majority of the Executive Board. Installation of newly elected officers shall be held following the Reorganization elections.

Section 7. Any officer shall be required to attend a meet minimum of eight (8) regular meetings throughout the year. If the elected member fails to attend the required number of meetings or misses four (4) consecutive meetings, they shall be deemed to be resigned and an interim will be recommended by the president and voted on at a regular meeting by the regular membership present. A majority vote will be needed to fill the interim position.

Article V: Duties of Officers

Section 1. President: The President shall be the chief executive official of the club and shall appoint all standing committees, (except as otherwise provided for by the Executive Board) and shall perform such other duties which are within their province. The president shall be an ex officio member at-large of all committees, and a non-voting member of the Board of Trustees, except in a tie.

Section 2. Vice President: The Vice President shall preside at all meetings in the absence of the president and shall perform any duty that the president may request.

Section 3. Secretary: The Secretary shall keep all records, keep written minutes of all meetings, and will answer all correspondence and communications. All records must be returned when that person is no longer serving in the position.

Section 4. Treasurer: The Treasurer shall be the custodian of all funds and shall pay all bills as authorized by the Executive Board. Funds shall be kept at a bank agreed upon by the membership at the January reorganization meeting. All checks shall require the signature of two out of three authorized signers that are agreed upon by the regular membership at the January reorganization meeting. All records must be returned when that person is no longer serving in the position.

Section 5. Municipal chair: the municipal chair shall preside at all meetings and shall perform all duties recall required of him/her by law and Constitution in the bylaws of such committee.

Article VI: Meetings

Section 1. There shall be at least one meeting per month to be held at a place, day, and time that will attract the most attendance.

Section 2. The president or a majority of the Executive Board may call any special meeting as they deem advisable.

Section 3. The Secretary shall notify all members of the time and place of meetings by the best means available.

Section 4. Five regular members of the club shall constitute a quorum for any meeting.

Section 5. Three members of the Executive Board in addition to the President or Municipal chair shall constitute a quorum for any meeting.

Article VII: Candidates and Elections

Section 1. Endorsement of candidates: Candidates for any political office in the Township, county, state, and nation shall be endorsed by this organization in the manner herein provided: the name of any candidate for any political office shall be submitted to the Executive Board. The said Executive Board shall submit the names of candidates selected by them at any meeting called for endorsement of candidates and the regular members at said meeting shall have the right to nominate any other candidates which are to be added to the list selected by the Executive Board. After the nominations are closed for the selection of candidates, the entire regular membership shall vote for endorsement of the candidates for the various political offices. A majority vote of the dues paid, registered Democrats (as outlined in Article 2, sections 1, 2, 3, 4, and Article 3) present at said meeting shall carry the endorsement of the candidate for the designated political office. If more than two (2) candidates are running for a specific seat and no one candidate receives a majority, then the two highest vote getters will remain and the other candidate(s) will be dropped. A second vote between the remaining two (2) candidates will then be taken to determine the winner.

Section 2. Candidates shall establish separate campaign fund accounts for elections and are subject to all required Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC) rules or law covered in Title 19 or Administrative codes of the State of New Jersey. This organization shall accept no responsibility for improper actions or ELEC reporting violations by endorsed candidates.

Section 3. Endorsed candidates may be required to file a complete listing of expenditures for funds supplied by this organization that were used during any campaign. Section 4. This organization will not spend funds on primary elections.

Article VIII: County Committee and Local Board of Election Members

Section 1. Poll workers: Local Board of Election poll workers shall be registered Democrats. This organization shall recommend the names of Board of Election workers to the Atlantic County Board of Elections, subject to its approval. This organization shall recommend the names of poll workers with first preference to regular members.

Section 2. County Committee: Pursuant to NJRS 19:5-2 – The members of the municipal committees of political parties shall consist of the elected members of the county committee residing in the respective municipalities. For the Primary Election write-in’s will be counted as follows:

1. Municipal Office – number of write-ins will need to match or exceed the minimum number that was required for an individual to have filed a petition for the office

2. County Committee – any candidate who receives the highest number of write-ins (either at the polls or by Mail in Ballot), regardless of actual number received, will be a successful write-in candidate for County Committee.

If there is a tie as a result of the write-ins (from polls and mail-ins), the EHT Dem Club County Committee members will award the contested position based upon a simple majority vote of the members after the reorganization meeting pursuant to NJRS 19:5-2.

Article IX: Amendments

Section 1. This Constitution may be amended by a two thirds vote of the regular members present at any regular meeting, provided that the proposed amendment is presented in writing at any regular meeting and that the Sec. shall send written notice to all members at least seven (7) days prior to the meeting for final adoption thereof.

Article X: Robert’s Rules of Order Section 1. Robert’s Rules of Order newly revised 11th edition is hereby adopted as the rules governing the organization when not otherwise provided for in the Constitution and bylaws.

Article XI: Effective Date

Section 1. This Constitution and bylaws shall become effective immediately upon final adoption.

Adopted: 1/28/2020