Often, legislation comes up on a local, state or national level in between our monthly meetings that we want our membership to know about so you can stay informed about current events and bills in a timely manner. Posted below you’ll find recent news stories and legislation related to our elected officials and the causes we care about. Please note that the Egg Harbor Township Democratic Club isn’t endorsing these bills and hasn’t taken an official position on them, unless otherwise noted.

Signals from the Supreme Court on Its High-Stakes Cases.

The Risk of the Right-Wing Push to Rewrite the Constitution

Bill to support Same-sex Marriage

Donald Trump vs. Democracy

The GOP needs to hit Rock Bottom

How Trump’s COVID-19 Failure Betrayed Our Military and Veterans

The Supreme Court in the Mean Season

The First Days of the Trump Regime

Bill Barr must Resign

Trump’s controversial “public charge” rule takes effect, reshaping legal immigration

Proposed Bills to help Combat Domestic Terrorism

Census 2020 -EHT Students discuss YB Counted

Congressman Van Drew latest statement on Impeachment


Unfit for Office

Top Military Officers Unload on Trump

Children Shouldn’t be Dying at the Border. HERE”S HOW to HELP!

Trump Administration argues against giving kids soap & toothbrushes

Notes on the Mueller Report: A Reading Diary

Five things I Learned from the Mueller Report

Take More Care: Did the President tell Subordinates to violate the law?

No Ban” Act – A needed check on Presidential Decision Making

Two Clauses in the Constitution could Expose Trump’s Businesses

Judge rules Secretary Ross broke the law & violated Constitution in census decision.

Senator Bob Menendez backs Reproductive Rights Are Human Rights Act

Senator Cory Booker Introduces Marijuana Justice Act to Legalize Marijuana

Congressman Jeff Van Drew votes for gun control bill

Voting Rights Advancement Act Introduced in House of Representatives